Since 1991, MAI has offered a comprehensive range of services covering routine analyses, as well as specialty testing, for Water, Soil, Air, Sediment and Solids. We pride ourselves in providing accurate, defensible data in addition to outstanding customer service. Feel free to send us a message or call us at (877)252-9262.

NELAP Certification

Analytical Capabilities

Acidic Herbicides:   Full acidic herbicide capabilities using diazomethane derivitization.

Air & Wipe Matrix:   Media include Summa canister, Tedlar bag, sorbent tube, cassette filter and liquid impinger and wipes. Helium shrouds are available for DTSC compliant soil gas sampling.

Anions:   State of the art automated instrumentation is conducive to accurate, rapid and error free results.

Aquatic Toxicology:   Offering hazardous waste characterization (Title 22 CCR), acute & chronic whole effluent toxicity testing methods and product testing methods.

Chlorinated Pesticides:   Full chlorinated pesticides capabilites using electron capture detector and gm/ms for confirmation.

Dioxins & Dibensofurans by HRGC-HRMS:   Testing by HRGC-LRMS (EPA 8280A and 1613).

Hydrocarbons & MBTEX:   Full hydrocarbon capabilities.

Metals:   Full metals capabilities, including ICP-MS, ICP, GFAA, CVAFS and CV/Hydride AAS

Microbiological Testing:   We offer a wide range of microbiological analyses for drinking water, fresh and marine recreational water, effluent, soil and food.

Nitrogen & Phosphorous Pesticides:   Full nitrogen and phosphorous pesticides capabilites with NPD and MSD technology.

Other Pesticides:   Full carbamate, phenyl urea, pyrethrins-pyrethroids, glyphosate, diquat-paraquat and endothal capabilities.

Pesticides / PCBs:   Full pesticide and herbicide capabilities.

Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH):

Special GC-MS-MS / LC-IT / LC-MS-MS:

VOCs/HVOCs by GC-MS & GC-ELCD/PID:   Full GC-MS and GC-ELCD/PID capabilities supported by 5 MSD's, 1 ELCD-PID.

Water Treatment Parameters:   Full testing capabilites for water treatment parameters and disinfectant by-products, which includes organic, wet chemistry and mircrobiological analytes.

Wet Chemistry:   Comprehensive offering of wet chemistry method.

Miscellaneous Testing:   ORC Bench Studies, Preparative Clean Up, Industrial Process Research and Development.


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