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Method Upgrade for Organic Lead Analysis

MAI is excited to announce our improved analytical method for organic lead. Powered by the technical advances of the GC Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS-MS), we are able to screen to lower detection limits with added selectivity compared to our superseded GC-MS single quadrupole method.

In addition, MAI has also increased our analytical capacity by designating two GC-MSMS systems exclusively for organic lead analysis with expedited turnaround times available.

All of the compliance data packages associated with this update have been performed and validated by our QA/QC department.

MAI's Tetraethyllead limits achieve Arizona Department of Environmental Quality soil LUST limits of 0.006 mg/kg.

MAI OPb Reporting Limits
Water (ug/L) PQL Soil (mg/kg) PQL
Tetramethyllead 0.05 0.002
Tetraethyllead 0.05 0.002

Organic Lead and the Petro-Fuel Industry

In the 1920's, Tetraethyllead (TEL) was introduced to the petro-fuel industry as an automotive antiknock agent. It was selected because it was both inexpensive and highly efficient in increasing vehicle performance.

The pros of its efficacy were later outweighed by the cons of its toxicity. Numerous cases have been documented of deaths associated with exposure to lead vapors. One notable case took place in a New Jersey refinery where 17 employees died from lead poisoning.

Leaded gasoline was produced in the US for decades until the US Clean Air Act declared it banned for automotive use in 1996. In some countries, the ban wasn't implemented until years later.

Today we are still attempting to minimize the health risks associated with the residual effects of leaded gasoline. Screening of organic lead compounds are required for sites which have used or sold leaded gasoline in the past before they are used for residential or commercial occupancy.