Full metals capabilities, including ICP-MS, ICP, GFAA, CVAFS and CV/Hydride AAS.

        Flexibility and chemical expertise to undertake or design special digestion procedures.

        Flexibility to set-up for new elements.

        Excellent analyte sensitivity, especially ICP-MS & CVAFS, with reporting limits at or below drinking water & effluent RLs for clean matrices.

        Hydride-ICP-MS capability has ppt sensitivity for hydride forming elements in difficult matrices such as sea water & brines.

        Ability to analyze organotin, organomercury & organolead compounds & speciate mono-tetrabutyl tin, tetramethyl & tetraethyl lead, & methyl & ethyl mercury.

        SM3500-Fe B4c ferrous iron testing; method validated by internal study

        Drinking water, fresh & marine surface & ground water, effluent, storm water run off, waste water, soils, sludge, solids, rocks, petroleum liquids, plant & animal tissue, food, wine and other matrices can be tested.