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  • Container requests must be received by 5pm Monday - Friday for next day business day delivery.
  • Large orders may not be available for next day delivery.
  • Yearly, Quarterly, or Monthly container request schedules available.
  • If requesting containers using a quote, include the number of container sets requested.

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Alicia Rinne, Director of Finance, X240
Angela Rydelius, Laboratory Manager, X214
Beverlyn Madrigal, Sales Representative, X263
Christine Askari, Project Manager, X235
Drew Gantner, Aquatic Toxicology Lab Director, X262
Edward Hamilton, Laboratory Director, X217
Elisa Venegas, Accounts Receivable, X243
Jennifer Lagerbom, Project Manager, X254
Maria Venegas, Sample Reception Manager, X208
Mehdi Bolorizadeh, Director of Material Science, X270
Nicole Hisamoto, Sales Representative, X248
Robert Schaadt, Operations Manager, X257
Shino Hamilton, Electronic Deliverables/EDF, X213
Susan Thompson, Project Manager, X285
Theresa Johnson, QA/QC Director, X252
Yen Cao, Project Manager, X211


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