·      Chemicals that can be ingested by or applied to people or animals, including pharmaceuticals, medicines, personal care products, nutraceuticals, & stimulants, fall in the category of Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products, PPCPs for short.

·       This group encompasses a huge array of chemistries that have an affinity for water, and are thus extremely well suited for LC-MS analysis. Examples are given in the following tables.

·      Additional categories & chemistries are described in the Food, Produce & Consumer Protection Section, including current in-the-news compounds such as BPA, Phthalates & Melamine, as well as general categories of Plasticizers, Surfactants, Sweeteners, Adulterants, Dyes & Pigments, Pesticides & Herbicides, Isocyanates & many more Food & Industry use chemicals.

·       Environmental methods include EPA methods 1694 for Endocrine Disrupters and the new UCRM3 method 539 for hormones.